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What Are The Advantages Of Using EDM Wire Cutting Straight Bevel Gears?
- Aug 17, 2017 -

1, easy to manufacture high-precision and large travel machine, to meet the special parts of high-precision grade processing requirements. At present, large-scale straight bevel gear processing equipment is still dependent on imports. (WEDM) technology because there is no mechanical vibration, high-precision CNC system, CNC rotary table and silk frame feed CNC synthesis, so that the processing track and the theoretical curve consistent, can process high-precision parts. At present, the domestic machined diameter> 800mm straight bevel gear planer, the more advanced up to 6 precision, surface roughness Ra (3.2μm), generally in the 8 precision, surface roughness Ra (6.3μm) The WEDM with WEDM can be more than four in theory (the current national standard is 4).

2, mechanical processing of different modulus gears need to use the corresponding modulus tool, tool complex, expensive, wear the tool seriously affect the processing effect. EDM tool (WEDM) tool electrode is simple (copper or molybdenum wire), processing different modulus gear the same specifications to complete the thread.

3, low energy consumption, no pollution. A small planing machine or milling machine power is generally 3 to 7.5 kilowatts, large machine for dozens of kilowatts. The WEDM machine tool power generally does not exceed 2kw; working fluid for the deionized water or water-based working fluid, no pollution, the precipitation can be natural emissions.

The revitalization of China's equipment manufacturing industry, the national demand as an innovation-oriented, the development of national urgent need for precision gears and large bevel gear machine tool as the main direction of the future, through scientific and technological progress, independent innovation, building a world-class large-scale bevel gear machine development base.

In short, the promotion and use of the technology will make precision straight bevel gear manufacturing simplified process, easy to produce, greatly improve the manufacturing accuracy of straight bevel gears, especially in the localization of large-scale high-precision machine tools to change foreign monopoly for China Truly become a strong foundation for manufacturing power to lay a solid foundation, with broad market prospects, will bring a strong social and economic benefits.


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