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The Method Of Cutting The Straight Bevel Gear With EDM
- Aug 17, 2017 -


The use of EDM wire cutting straight bevel gear method because there is no macro-cutting force, compared with the existing mechanical cutting tool, has the following advantages:

1, the workpiece without deformation of the workpiece, in the NC command control, the processing of high precision, the standard for the standard involute or function curve, good surface roughness, micro-feed (1μm) and multiple cutting. Processing accuracy of up to 2μm, the best surface roughness up to 0.5μm. Precision machine tools can be used to take the wire structure; higher processing requirements in the use of parts in the wire or fast wire structure.

2, for high strength, high toughness, high hardness and other mechanical methods difficult to process materials, EDM wire cutting processing (WEDM) particularly significant advantages. The traditional mechanical processing of metal gears in order to achieve high precision, high life requirements, the need for the first processing of tooth profile to leave a certain margin, quenching and then grinding to meet the requirements. EDM wire cutting (WEDM) can be directly processed quenching materials. Encountered "stainless steel", "titanium", carbide ball and other bevel gear, the traditional processing methods is very difficult. It is awarded the "titanium alloy" of the 21st century metal. It is more and more in the field of aviation and aerospace, with the advantages of low density, high strength, high temperature resistance, strong antioxidant ability and stable molecular structure. Various types of diesel locomotive Nickel-vanadium-titanium alloy transmission gears, military various artillery system positioning transmission gears, spacecraft control transmission system gears are required to manufacture titanium alloy, and processing of titanium alloy wire EDM (WEDM) is ideal means.


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