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The Manufacturing Accuracy Of Gear Reducer Determines Its Noise Value
- Nov 17, 2017 -

The manufacturing accuracy of gear reducer determines its noise value

(1) the influence of gear machining error on the noise of reducer. Reducing and controlling gear noise is the basis to reduce the noise of gear reducer motor. In order to reduce the noise of gear, the two aspects of structure design and gear accuracy should be considered.

1, low noise gear structure design requirements. The influence of gear structure design on noise is very important. The ideal design is to increase the bending strength of the gear as much as possible, select the larger deflection coefficient and the appropriate spiral angle, so that the meshing coefficient is increased, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing noise.

2, reducer gear manufacturing accuracy on the impact of noise. For the standard series gear reducer stepper motor, the manufacturing accuracy of the reducer gear determines its noise value. The main function of gear reducer motor gear is to transfer speed and torque, so the accuracy of its gear manufacturing requirements, the level of work stability is the main.

The gear with higher working stability level not only has long service life, but also has small impact and vibration in the transmission, and the noise is also small. So, the key to reduce the gear noise is to limit the work smoothness error of the gear. The

(two) the influence of work smoothness accuracy on noise. Change of smooth accuracy is required to limit the gear reducer gear instantaneous speed ratio, the error of angle error occur several times per week to gear, it makes the gear impact and vibration resulting in gear noise in the meshing process, it is a kind of high frequency impact sound. For a gear for the factors affecting the stability of his basepitch error and its involute error. The

(three) the influence of contact precision of stepping motor gear on noise. The comprehensive index to evaluate the contact precision of gears is the contact spot, and the gears which are not contacted well will have great noise. The cause of gear contact is not ideal: tooth error influence the direction of tooth contact, base pitch error and tooth shape error of tooth direction contact. The

(four) the influence of motion precision of reducer gear on noise. The motion accuracy of gear reducer refers to the accuracy of the transfer motion, that is, the maximum error of the rotation error of the gear can not exceed a certain limit. Because the gear movement accuracy is periodic (gear rotation error), and by the gear ring in radial runout of gear rotation within a week Zhou Jie cumulative error will produce low frequency noise, but when the accumulative pitch error increases, will cause the gear meshing impact and angular velocity changes, then the noise increased significantly, and the issue of "rumble" sound.

(five) the influence of eccentric partiality of wheel body on noise. The eccentric eccentric gear of the wheel body produces unbalanced centrifugal force when meshing. It is an alternating stress, which will cause vibration of the gear train and produce noise. Therefore, it is necessary to detect the dynamic balance of the deceleration step motor wheel body.


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