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The Important Influence Of Grinding Process Of Sprocket
- Nov 21, 2017 -

The important influence of grinding process of sprocket

Sprocket grinding in the metal cutting method is unable to meet the accuracy when the other sprocket surface, the machining method, because this method is high, so it is a process of precision, if there is no experience or no technical strength of the manufacturers we do not recommend that you use the lapping process, because it is may cause damage to the sprocket.

The basic principle is grinding the workpiece and workpiece, grinding tool and workpiece in or between the pressure and the friction force is certain, then with a variety of abrasive micro cutting on the workpiece, generally the more pressure the grinding efficiency is higher, but the pressure to control the precise pressure slightly larger will cause deformation of put on a small sprocket, can not achieve the desired results, so the applied efforts is the core of grinding technology.

Ordinary abrasive when in use only very small pressure on the sprocket, pressure slightly abrasive grains will be embedded in the workpiece surface or cause scratches, and development of CRONEX special abrasive materials successfully solved the existing abrasive problem, it is based on a special process of the production of glue solution, all particles are encapsulated by melt glue, grinding cutting action of particles varies with the size of pressure, pressure to the cutting effect is strong, small pressure small cutting, abrasive particles on the wheel adhesion ability strong, abrasive distribution should be uniform, can not appear much less side side of the sprocket, and the size of the surface can such grinding accuracy, when grinding the not to splash the.

When grinding after the installation of the sprocket should make this lubricant, lubrication strong it will ensure the service life of the chain wheel and the degree of flexibility, so the grinding processing and manufacturing sprocket is not less than the process, is the process of further processing Sprocket not less than.


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