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Sprocket Assembly And Disassembly
- Feb 24, 2017 -

1, drive sprocket

Output shaft spline drive sprocket and engine combination in the form of, and spline fixed bezel or nuts. Remove the detachable sprocket cover, remove the chain, spline bezel or unscrew the retaining nut, you can pull the small sprockets. The Assembly, in the opposite order.

2, the driven sprocket

1. the main bracket, rear wheels tilted.

2. loosen the rear axle nut and adjuster nut, remove the chain box chain.

3. open the rear brake lever, pull the rear wheel assembly.

4. remove the fixed sprocket bolt, nut or ring, the sprocket on the rear wheel or PIN bolts removed.

5. when installing in the opposite order. According to regulations and the fastening torque sprocket fixing nut or bolt (30-50N. M) and rear axle nut (50-80N. M)。