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​ Some Reasons For Sprocket Wear
- Nov 21, 2017 -

Some reasons for sprocket wear

1. sprocket material is not good, easy to cause wear and tear

We use the sprocket generally use 45 steel, also can choose different materials according to different requirements, such as copper, aluminum, nickel have various with steel, Quenched and tempered hardness is HRC40 - 45, which is after thermal processing of steel surface increased hardness after heat processing of steel will increase than the original hardness of steel, processing method of thermal processing is relatively common production chain.

The transmission ratio of 2. front and rear sprockets should be determined according to the road conditions you normally drive.

If you often drive on a relatively flat road, the transmission ratio can be appropriately reduced, which can improve the speed and acceleration performance, 125 of the car if used in the city, the transmission ratio is about 2.6, 15:39 or 16:41 can also be. If you travel on a relatively bumpy road, you can increase the transmission ratio, so that you can properly avoid the sprocket wheel wear or damage caused by bumpy driving, 125 of the car if in the country mud road or mountain road, the transmission ratio can be changed at 15:41 or 16:45.

The sprocket transmission ratio have strict standards and regulations, can not arbitrarily change them, because the transmission ratio is based on years of study and experiments, have very high credibility and scientific basis, if the ratio of bad words will affect the running comfort and driving performance.


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