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Selection Of Gears Transmission Type
- Jul 14, 2017 -

When the output speed of the power machine, the torque and the geometry of the output shaft are not compatible with the requirements of the working machine, the gears drive can be used to connect them to meet the different requirements of different conditions. Technical and economic indicators is the choice of gears transmission program of the most fundamental factors, especially for important or high-power transmission should be the starting point for this selection. In general, for smaller power transmission, the transmission structure with simple structure and low initial cost should be selected under the premise of satisfying the working performance. For the transmission of the larger power, the efficiency of gears transmission should be given priority to save energy, reduce operation and maintenance cost. In addition, the choice of gears transmission equipment must be compatible with the level of design and manufacturing technology, usually as far as possible the use of gears and gears specializing in the production of standard universal gears drive products.

There are many materials used to make the gears, as shown below, can be divided into three categories.

First, the black metal materials, power transmission gears with the most commonly used materials. For example, like S45C carbon steel, SCM415 alloy steel, high strength, the market flow of a wide range, easy to purchase.

Second, non-ferrous metal materials, mainly used for the production of aluminum or copper alloy products. Because the general means of production is the use of casting, so the production cycle is long, high cost.

Third, the plastic material, mostly used in the taboo lubricating oil occasions. Compared with the metal material is light, you can use the mold extrusion. More use in office appliances and so on.


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