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Regular Maintenance Of Motorcycle Sprockets
- Aug 10, 2017 -

In order to reduce wear, prolong the service life of the chain and keep the chain clean, the chain and motorcycle sprockets should be lubricated periodically. Under normal circumstances, each motorcycle running 1000KM, should drive the chain and sprocket lubrication. The simpler method is to drip the grease onto the chain and turn the wheel at the same time, so that each chain can be lubricated. When the motorcycle is running 3000KM, the motorcycle sprocket shall be removed for cleaning and lubrication.

After the motorcycle is on the sand road or on the muddy road, the dust and sand in the chain link shall be removed in time and coated with lubricating oil to supplement the surface lubrication. In the maintenance of transmission chain, if it is found that the sprocket wear serious, should be replaced with new parts, otherwise it will have an adverse effect on the other parts in the transmission system; if it is found that both sides of the chain wheel uneven wear, should analyze the reason of this phenomenon, the majority is due before and after not remain in the same chain caused by a plane the very few is due to the frame and the rear fork deformation caused by the. In addition, you should also check the strength of the sprocket, if the chain is not fixed, it is easy to damage the chain or broken chain due to the rubber chain.

On the chain, there is a detachable link, it is locked by the chain lock. When it is disassembled, the chain is locked and disassembled, and then the detachable link can be removed. Remove the chain and use kerosene to clean it. Soak it in a container filled with lubricating oil about 30min, or immerse it in the molten graphite grease to soak 5--10min, so that the grease penetrates into the inner part of the chain. Then take out, wipe off the excess oil and assemble the chain. It should be noted that when the chain is locked, the opening of the chain lock shall be moved in the opposite direction of the movement so as to prevent the chain from coming out of the lock automatically.


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