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Introduction Of Spiral Bevel Gear
- Dec 15, 2017 -

Introduction of spiral bevel gear

The spiral bevel gear tooth shape is the circular arc shape, generally is in the cone shape, like the umbrella shape, so the famous spiral bevel gear. The spiral bevel gear is a kind of transmission part with smooth transmission and low noise transmission. Spiral bevel gear has high transmission efficiency, large arc overlap coefficient, strong bearing capacity, smooth transmission, compact structure, energy saving, material saving, space saving, abrasion resistance and noise. Spiral bevel gear has reliable performance and long service life. Spiral bevel gears can be divided into German Klingelnberg Spiral, the Gleason spiral bevel gear, the Swiss Oerlikon spiral bevel gears, spiral bevel gears are widely used in domestic oil petrochemical machinery, various types of machine tools, all kinds of mechanical processing equipment, engineering machinery, metallurgical equipment, rolling machinery, mining machinery, mining machinery, textile machinery, ship machinery, shipbuilding, aerospace, forklift, elevator, reducer, aircraft manufacturing and many other industries. Spiral bevel gear used in all kinds of mechanical equipment, showing its excellent performance by the aerospace equipment manufacturing factory ship, shipbuilding, engineering machinery plant, metallurgical equipment factory, steel rolling spare parts factory, steel rolling machinery plant, rolling mill, metallurgical machinery factory, mining machinery plant, coal mine machinery factory, Oilfield Petrochemical Machinery Factory textile machinery factory, machine tool plant, equipment company, elevator company, aircraft manufacturing, mining machinery factory, reducer factory, light industry machinery plant, rolling mill, steel rolling plant, metallurgical equipment factory and other types of customers. VIP design: our company can provide refrigeration air conditioning load calculation, a full range of detailed marine air conditioning refrigeration requirements and technical specifications, can provide more complete and reliable design of air duct layout diagram, cold storage and other layout scheme.


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