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How To Make The Conveyor Chains Better Use
- Jul 14, 2017 -

Chain conveyor is a chain or plate chain driven by the chain plate drive, high load, long distance transport, metallurgy, steel and other heavy industry preferred transport equipment. Conveyor chains long-term high-speed operation and large load, the chain wear is very serious. How to do chain chain conveyor chains maintenance is to extend the chain conveyor life of one of the key ways.

1. Chain tightness appropriate: the conveyor chains is too tight, increase power consumption, easy to wear bearings; chain is too loose, easy to beat and off the chain. The tightness of the chain is: from the middle of the chain to lift or press, about two sprocket center distance of 2% -3%.

2. The new conveyor chains is too long or extended after use, it is difficult to adjust: If this happens, you can see the situation to remove the conveyor chains, the conveyor chains but must be even. The chain should pass through the back of the chain, the locking tab is inserted outside, and the opening of the locking tab should be in the opposite direction of rotation.

3. After the conveyor sprocket wear serious, should also replace the new sprocket and the new chain to ensure good engagement. You can not replace a new chain or a new sprocket separately. Otherwise it will cause poor engagement to accelerate the wear of new chains or new sprockets. Sprocket tooth surface wear to a certain extent should be used in time to turn over.

4. Chain plate conveyor chains in the work should be timely filling lubricants, lubricants must enter the roller and the inner sleeve with the gap to improve the working conditions and reduce wear and tear.

The conveyor chains is an important part of the chain conveyor. The excessive wear of the conveyor chains also damages the other parts of the conveyor, reduces the transmission efficiency of the conveyor and shortens the service life. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the maintenance of the conveyor not only in the daily maintenance. Pay attention to the timely maintenance of the conveyor chains lubrication, so as to ensure efficient transmission of the conveyor.


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