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How To Do Daily Maintenance Of Sprocket
- Nov 10, 2017 -

How to do daily maintenance of sprocket

No matter what product must have to do maintenance and maintenance work, so that not only can increase the service life of the product, but also use more aspects. Of course, the sprocket is the same, sprocket manufacturers tell us must do maintenance work.

The tightness of the sprocket must be appropriate, too tight and too loose will cause some damage to it. If too close, will cause the bearing wear and loose, then it is easy to make the chain towline, on the one hand, we must pay attention to. At the same time, when installing, see if it's swinging or tilted, which will affect its normal work, and will accelerate its wear. These two aspects are explained in the instructions printed by sprocket manufacturers, and must be carefully looked at.

Sprocket in the process of use if the cause of serious wear and tear, must be timely replacement renovation. It must be in the daily work of a certain amount of lubricating oil, which can reduce wear. At the same time, sprocket factory also tells us that the new sprocket can not be used together with the old sprocket, which will produce a certain impact force, it will easily break.

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