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Emergency Remedy Measures For Chain Wheel Damage
- Nov 21, 2017 -

Emergency remedy measures for chain wheel damage

The preliminary design drawings and provide a theoretical basis on the manufacturing chain, to establish the three-dimensional model of the sprocket in the design of software related, if through the establishment of model parameters and the size of digital model of ideal, and by controlling the parameters to automatically identify the wheel shape and size are the essential conditions for R & D sprocket.

Engineer design software is famous for its convenient use and obvious parametric characteristics, but it is a universal design software, and it does not provide special development module for specific product design, so it can not effectively use the previous design resources for development. If enterprises want to play the role of Engineer software, improve work efficiency, must be based on the characteristics and shape of the enterprise product Engineer software for the two development, from the special product development module, so as to meet the design requirements of sprocket.

Among all kinds of transmission products, chain drive products are known for their accurate average drive ratio, high transmission efficiency, and suitable for working in damp and evil environment. Sprockets and chains are the core components of chain drive products.

The chain box is one of the frequently used tool if the driven sprocket chain in the bottom of the box and the chain box and it will generate internal wear particles and the outside into the box of dust particles deposited on the bottom of the chain box, after mixing the particles and oil and other magazines, thus affecting the use will wear the driven sprocket chain case.

We take emergency measures is the first place to wear welding, and then wrapped around the chain sprocket after welding, and find out the chain with a chain of each tooth is not good, then hand wheel grinding, until the chain on the chain wheel can flexibly rotate. Finally, the chain teeth are polished and polished with fine sand paper. In this way, the sprocket and chain are repaired, and the users can feel relieved to use it.


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