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Drive Sprocket Installation Requirements And Considerations
- Feb 24, 2017 -

Installation requirements

1. According to vehicle specifications correct choice of drive sprocket.

2. check the installation location of the drive sprocket (transmission output Vice-shaft, hub, etc) is good, it shall be repair or replacement of parts.

3. in the correct way, the driven sprocket in place and tighten firmware to make it meet the stipulated torque requirements.

Black fitted after the transmission chain and adjust the tightness, check chain and sprockets mixture is smooth, coplanar, and no interference with the chain cover.


1. the driven sprocket locking measures.

2. the driven sprocket wheel loading, should use the regulator and rear rack (also known as rear wheel fork) adjusting the rear axle is the score, so as to prevent rear-wheel deflection, also avoid early wear of the chain and sprockets.

3. sprockets and chains will want to replace, replace only one will increase the wear on both sides.

4. due to the drive sprocket speed, less number of teeth, under the same conditions, faster than gear-wear, which is the normal situation.

5. to periodically clean and lubricate transmission chain and drive sprocket, in order to improve its service life.