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Different Qualities Determine The Use Of Sprockets
- Nov 21, 2017 -

Different qualities determine the use of sprockets

1. ordinary vehicle wheel sprocket, the ordinary vehicle is suitable for medium load and speed of the vehicle, because this type of vehicle in the form of speed is not fast, need wheel quality and hardness are relatively common, can be used in manual transmission and driving axle spiral bevel wheel, can be divided into according to different hardness 80W/90, 85W/90, 90 specifications, sprocket 90 specifications are often used, if there are special requirements we can talk with the sprocket manufacturers ordering, their desired types and requirements to them, they will be able to produce the products you need for you.

In 2. wheel load of the vehicle, which is suitable for the sprocket sprocket of low speed high torque, high speed and low torque operation, drive axle hypoid sprocket and use condition is not too harsh, sprocket, configuration of the above products with high speed, stable performance, abrasion resistance, due to the production of quality and specifications so high price also more expensive, according to different hardness is divided into 75W, 80W/90, 85W/90, 90, 85W/40 five specifications, including 90 specifications often act on the load of the vehicle.

3. wheel heavy load vehicles, the wheel production requirements is very high, generally a lot of production of raw materials and production technology are imported, sprocket heavy load high demands on the quality and workmanship, generally suitable for high-speed impact load, high speed and low torque, low speed and high torque under various sprockets, in accordance with the different hardness can be divided into 75W, 80W/90, 85W/90, 90, 85W/40 five specifications. Size 90 often acts on vehicles with this heavy load.


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