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Characteristics Of The Drive Sprocket
- Feb 24, 2017 -

Sprocket into the drive sprocket and driven sprockets, drive sprocket with flowers on the output shaft of the engine-mounted keys; driven sprocket mounted on motorcycles the drive wheels, through the chain to transmit power to the driving wheels, generally smaller than the driven sprocket drive sprocket, can be used as speed increased torsional effects.

① material selection-large sprockets and small sprockets are made of high quality carbon structural steel stamping.

② processing and treatment technology--advanced milling and processing technology, makes the teeth more accurate. Quenched and tempered heat treatment the chain as a whole, which greatly improves its mechanical properties and tooth hardness reaches above 68-72HRA, sprocket wear significantly. Surface spraying, electroplating treatment.

③ product series: economical plain sprockets and superior performance of the boutique chain.