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Chain Maintenance
- Feb 24, 2017 -

1, chain tension should be fit, too tight will increase power consumption, bearing wear and sprocket easy beat and take off chain is too loose. Chain tension: from the middle of the sprocket or is under pressure, about two wheel centre distance 2%-3%.

2, chain wheel mounted on the shaft should not swing and grimace. In the same transmission component two sprocket face should be on the same plane, chain Center distance 0.5 m when the deviation of 1 mm; chain Center distance 0.5 m when error is 2 mm. But there can be no friction the sprocket side phenomenon, if two-wheel offset is too prone to cast off and accelerated wear. When replacing the sprocket must be taken to check and adjust the offset.

After 3, sprocket wear, should replace the new sprocket and sprocket, to ensure good contact. Cannot be replaced separately new sprocket or sprockets. Will cause meshing well to accelerate new sprockets or sprocket wear. Sprocket tooth wear to a certain extent in time after turning it over and use the (adjustable surface using chain), to extend the time.

4, after use, the new chain is too long or stretched, it is difficult to adjust, it removed the link, but it must be an even number. Back through the chain from the sprocket lock plates on the outside, lock opening should rotate in the opposite direction.

5, sprocket should be lubricated at work. Lubricant must enter the clearance of roller and sleeve, to improve working conditions, reducing wear.

6 and older cannot be used with some new sprocket on sprocket, or easy to impact in the transmission, pull off gear wheels.

7, when a machine is stored for a long time, sprocket should be removed with clean kerosene or diesel, and then coated with oil or butter, store it in a dry place.