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Analysis Of Causes Of Small Problems In CONVEYOR CHAINS
- Nov 01, 2017 -

Conveyor chains in the use of the process, there will be some small problems, then the main cause of these problems are what, it depends on what is the problem. Here are a few common problems listed, we have to analyze.

The use of the conveyor chains during the attack wear, cracking and so are more common work, usually the chain is more wear and tear situation. Wear is usually due to the long-term use of the chain, the use of the process is not correct, the use of steel chain material is residual and so on.

The slight wear of the conveyor chains does not cause damage to the chain, without having to re-use the chain, the chain can be installed, so that the side of the wear sprocket can be. If both sides of the chain are worn out, it can only be replaced.

Conveyor chains in addition to wear the situation presented, but also often attack cracking. Cracks usually occur in the use of the chain is not appropriate, for example, the chain carrying heavy material, beyond the chain of the load, the chain will crack. There is the use of the process, the chain of continuous work, making the chain shall not rest, the chain will crack.

For the transport chain of these small problems, if not very serious does not matter, if there is the impact of operational risks, or to replace the insurance.


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