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Gear Hobber 2.jpg     YKX3150M for the three-axis CNC hobbing machine, YKX3150 is a two-axis CNC hobbing machine, two machine feed system are used 3 ~ 2 with AC servo motor CNC axis drive, spindle and sub-tooth is through the mechanical chain to achieve movement The The gear hob is used to roll the cylindrical spur gear, helical gear, small taper gear, drum gear, less gear and spline. The machine can withstand high-load cutting and high-speed cutting, when the use of coated hob, the cutting speed of up to 100 m / min. Machine configuration FANUC-0I CNC system, control X, Z (or Y) axis movement. The main electrical and hydraulic components are imported. The machine adopts the working area sealed sealing hood refueling separator, eliminates high-speed hobbing oil mist on the production environment pollution, with automatic magnetic chip conveyor.

Bed, column and other key key castings using double wall, high-bar structure and rectangular large plastic-plastic guide rail, compact structure, dynamic and static stiffness, machine drive chain short, high precision. Axial, radial feed is driven by preloaded ball screw.

The machine has a high degree of automation, can achieve axial multi-cycle and axial L cycle, radial automatic variable speed feed, can Shun, reverse milling processing, with hob automatic knife device, the spindle using imported inverter speed Can be within the cutting range for stepless adjustment. Automatic hydraulic clamping of the workpiece, to adapt to the use of long hob and large feed hobbing. Machine hydraulic system, lubrication system, cooling completely independent, suitable for batch cutting. According to the accuracy of CNC hobbing machine Q / CB0053-2000 specifications, the machine for finishing precision up to GB10095-2001 gear accuracy standard 6-7-7 level.

Gear Shaper.jpg

4-axis CNC gear shaping machine has High-grade digital control, it has four feed motions are AC servo axis. The rotary feed of worktable (B) and the rotary feed of cutter (C) are drive by AC servo motor respectively, the numerical system controller realize two-synchro; The radial feed motion (Y) and the cutter carriage pulling motion (Z) use numerical system to control AC Servo, use the high precision ball bearing driving column to realize cutter radial feed, driving the sliding Block to realize the cutter carriage pulling motion.

YK5165HY NC hydraulic stroke gear shaping machine includes torque motors, linear motors, turntable bearings, electronic helical Guides and other advanced transmission technology, high-end machine for the whole closed-loop CNC machine tools. Its use of hydrostatic Guide tool spindle orientation and unique hydraulic servo spindle alternative to traditional crank linkage, no cam rigid cutter relieving , set by control procedures for internal and external cutter relieving conversion, It can be realize that 1:4 cutter spindle rapid return to ; using cutting force adaptive control, machining accuracy, and high efficiency.


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Cylindrical gear manufacturers all around the world appreciate the advantages and productivity of the RAPID 1250 for work piece diameters of up to 1,250 mm. With standard features that include a cast polymer machine bed, a torque motor-driven machine table, an integrated inspection system, a sturdy grinding spindle, and a dressing system for frequent profile modifications, it is the perfect solution for cylindrical gear manufacturers. Technologies such as high-speed grinding [HsG] and best-fit grinding [BfG] also reduce grinding times by up to 30 % – ensuring a clear leading edge in production efficiency for the entire manufacturing process.


The machine is used to sharpen various straight and spiral groove hobs and similar precision tools.

The use of the workpiece for rotary motion, grinding head for the vertical reciprocating movement of the layout form.

CNC control, mechanical structure is simple, there is no intermediate transmission parts, sub-dial, etc., that is, the machine's spiral movement, indexing movement by the CNC control, eliminating the need for traditional wheel drive chain or sine scale institutions and indexing, Making the machine in the processing of different types of hobs to adjust quickly. Machine operation is easy and accurate.

The operator can complete the precision grinding according to the different requirements of the grinding hob, enter the corresponding parameters.

Grinding hob grinding methods are: deep grinding with CBN grinding wheel and grinding with a single grinding wheel of ceramic grinding wheel.

Automatic grinding wheel dresser can be formed on the ceramic grinding wheel dressing, saving wheel adjustment time, improve processing efficiency.

Processing area is fully enclosed, can achieve strong wet grinding.

Processing quality and stability, processing accuracy can reach AA grade (DIN3968).

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automatic controlled atmosphere & bottom rotating multifunctional carburization production line


Fiber laser is a new international development of a new type of fiber laser output high energy density of the laser beam, and gathered in the workpiece surface, so that the workpiece is ultra-fine focus spot irradiation area instantly melting and gasification, through the CNC mechanical system to move the spot The position is cut to achieve automatic cutting.


Forge machine


Cut raw material steel bar