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      KLINGELNBERG P100 gear measurement center after KLINGELNBERG Group decades of gear measurement technology development and improvement to meet the workpiece diameter of 260-2600 mm within the gear field of all measurement tasks needs. The advanced structural performance of the KLINGELNBERG P100 gear measurement center ensures a fully automated measurement process that achieves extremely high measurement accuracy at extremely high measurement speeds and is easy to operate, ensuring the most economical use of the equipment.

KLINGELNBERG P100 gear measurement center features:


    1, the use of 4-axis measurement technology, high-precision systems and software to support the accuracy of optimization;

    2, high-performance computer controller;

    3, according to ergonomic design with an integrated industrial computer operating system;

    4, LDT linear motor drive technology;

    5, automatic detection process;

    6, automatic probe positioning;

    7, a new generation of Kellenberg patent K3D multi-axis three-dimensional digital measurement system, digital sensor measurements, with a close anti-collision protection technology;

    8,1000mm diameter measurement range, 750 mm vertical measurement range, 2000kg weight measurement range;

    9, the use of high-precision temperature - neutral grating (ceramic glass) and temperature compensation, the machine structure suitable for use in the vicinity of the production area;

    10, vertical workpiece installation;

    11, the workpiece by the top clamping, automatic sliding recognition function;

    12, high precision top support optimization, simple operation;

    13, the machine structure is novel and compact, in line with functional design;

    14, integrated, modular detection software;

15, Klingberg evaluation software.

three diamension Coordinate Measuring.jpg

HEXAGON Global SF is an ideal solution for high-precision dimensional measurements in harsh environments including dust, vibration and temperature changes. The perfect cover and organ guard ensure that the measuring machine is not affected by environmental factors. The CTE-certified sensor network consisting of high-resolution gratings, temperature sensors and ADVANTAFED structural temperature compensation ensures the accuracy of the data in a wide temperature environment of 15 ° C to 30 ° C.

Standard ergonomic and shockproof design of the common JoyBox. Provide an intuitive graphical interface, also suitable for operation with gloves.

Technical features:

1. Ultra-high accuracy in a wide temperature environment of 15 ° C to 30 ° C;

2. Provides high dynamic performance and productivity for shop floor measurements;

3.ADVANCED structural multi-sensor temperature compensation;

4. Optional organ cover and protective cover provide the best protection against dust and dirt;

   5. Multi-probe technology supports a variety of measurement applications, 

from single point detection to complex requirements of contact or non-contact scanning measurements;

6. PC-DMIS adaptive scan module to help achieve the best scanning performance;

7. Optional PC-DMIS STI + software interface to provide users with the most simple operation

8. High rigidity of the aluminum frame, making the temperature changes in the case of the whole structure of the better;

9. Patented precision "triangular beam" technology has a solid structure, with the best structural rigidity ratio;

10. High stiffness Large cross section Z axis support extended vertical tooling without deformation;

11. CTE certified high-resolution grating with superior anti-jamming capability and anti-wear function;

12. Patented, precision machining of the overall dovetail rail, three closed-loop, providing the industry's most solid structure, improve the accuracy of the machine repeatability and long-term stability;

13. User-friendly and easy to operate universal control box, the option of PC-DMIS interactive module to make the operation process to achieve the best condition;

14. Laser scanning package provides high-performance remote operation;

15. Open measurement space for easy measurement from all directions;

16. Optimized machine support to meet the smaller in-position space;

17. Optional active damping system.

metallographic microscope.jpg

    Zeiss company's new generation of research-level inverted universal material microscope Axio Vert.A1 to create a research-level inverted microscope products in the new era, the perfect Kohler lighting system will be the function of the optical system to play most vividly, to provide you with unprecedented image quality, Solid product design and ergonomic concept of integration.

Technical Parameters:

       Optical system: ICCS optical system, mirror body: FEM design, ACR position coding

       1, objective: 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x

       2, eyepiece 10x

       3, objective turntable: research level 5 hole bright and dark field objective turntable

       4, light source: 12V100W halogen lamp, with a reflective bowl.

       5, optical accessories: eyepiece micrometer, table, a variety of filters.

       6, digital platform: can be equipped with image analysis system (digital camera, camera, image analysis software)

       7, can be equipped with heat (for high-temperature metallographic analysis)

       8, can be equipped with automatic scanning platform.


Material Tensile Testing Machine.jpg

Through the AC servo motor to drive the beam movement, the use of imported photoelectric encoder for displacement measurement. Product configuration of the all-digital multi-channel closed-loop measurement and control system. Is the application of a number of advanced professional and technical development of the latest generation of measurement and control system, the control software can automatically obtain the tensile strength, yield strength, elastic modulus, non-proportional extension strength RP0.2 and other conventional data; can achieve three closed-loop control; The process can be real-time display force - displacement, force - time, stress - strain and other test curves, and can automatically switch at any time, observe and compare. Computer control system on the test process control and data processing in full compliance with the requirements of the corresponding national standard.

Widely used in rubber, plastic, wire and cable, composite materials, plastic profile, waterproof membrane, metal materials, stretching, compression, bending, cutting, stripping, tearing and other tests.




HVS-1000B micro-Vickers hardness tester is a combination of precision mechanical technology and optoelectronic technology micro-Vickers and Knoop hardness test equipment. It has good reliability, operability and intuitive. It is mainly used to measure the microhardness of various infiltration layer, hardened layer and metal internal structure of metal and alloy surface layer, and measure the hardness of small pieces, thin pieces, brittle hardware and phase mixed coating which can not be used by other methods. Observe the microstructure.

Measurable materials categories: thin plastic, metal foil, coating, coating, hardened layer, layered metal, welding or deposition hardness, integrated circuit chip.