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What are the common damage of gear ?
- Dec 09, 2017 -

What are the common damage of gear gear?

(1) gear transmission gear in the normal working conditions of tooth surface wear, showing uniform wear requirements along the direction of tooth wear should not exceed thirty percent of the original length of the tooth; tooth thickness should not exceed 0.40; the gear tooth surface area of not less than 2/3; running gear meshing clearance must be 0.15-0.26mm limits 0.80mm; joint gear meshing clearance should be 0.10-0.15mm, 0.60mm. or soft metal with available dial indicator measurement use limit. If the gap is exceeded, should be replaced in pairs.

(2) gear tooth  broken, is mainly because of the gear meshing clearance does not meet the requirements of meshing parts or improper work under shock load caused by large. If there are tiny broken tooth edge is not greater than 2mm, continue to use the grinding whetstone available; if more than this range or more than 3 small broken. It should be replaced in pairs.

(3) the surface of the helical gear end with constant meshing gear face wear should have.10-0.30mm axial clearance to ensure the good operation of gear. If the gear ends wear grooves, it can be grind and repair, but the grinding amount should not exceed.50mm..

(4) the gear gap of the gear mesh, the needle roller bearing and the seat hole should be worn to the mesh gear seat hole and the needle bearing and the journal three. The gap between them should be 0.01-0.08mm, otherwise it should be replaced.


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