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Timing chain
- Feb 24, 2017 -

For transmission between the engine crankshaft and camshaft. Because the piston stroke and the exhaust of the engine meet the strict requirements of the time, so called chain last gauge chain for such purposes. Roller chains and chain can be used for timing chain. Timing chains are mainly used for automobiles, motorcycles and boat engines (diesel or gasoline) transmission. In order to reduce engine weight, chains and engine installation clearance is very small, some even without tensioning device, so the timing chain in addition to the requirements of high precision requirements, the abrasion resistance requirements are quite high.

Limitations of the chain

Chain as a common power devices through hyperbolic arcs of "the chain" design, reduced friction, used to power large and run slower place than belt drive has obvious advantages, such as tanks, air compressor, but transmission speed is not too fast, because the flexibility of the chain doesn't belt.