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The difference between chain wheel and gear
- Nov 21, 2017 -

The difference between chain wheel and gear

Sometimes there are a lot of people will be sprocket and gear is not clear, the following we from a professional point of view of the difference between the two wheels. First of all, the sprocket is driven by chains, and the units are usually in english. There are single row, double row and multi row. Suitable for low speed, heavy load and high temperature conditions, compared with gear, it can be used in two axis base far away occasions. The gears are driven by each other, and the type units are mostly metric systems, which are shown by modulus. The power and speed of transmission are large. Compact structure, large transmission ratio can be finished, high efficiency and long service life. The following are some of their main differences, gear and sprocket the main difference is: 1, gear is involute tooth shape, and sprocket is "three arc a straight line" tooth shape. 2, the gear is through the two gear teeth meshing each other, the end of transmission, and the two sprocket chain through the end of the drive. 3. The gear can end the transmission between the parallel shaft and any staggered shaft, and the sprocket can only end the transmission between parallel shafts. 4. The torque of the gear is greater than that of the sprocket. 5, gear machining accuracy, equipment cost is higher than sprocket. Now, I think you should know the difference between gears and sprockets, you can better distinguish them.


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