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The characteristics and application of spiral bevel gear
- Jan 19, 2018 -

The characteristics and application of spiral bevel gear

Spiral bevel gear tooth shape of arc shape, and is generally a cone, like the umbrella, named spiral bevel gear, spiral bevel gear is a kind of stable transmission ratio in the transmission steady, low noise transmission, have different names in different regions, also called spiral bevel gear, arc bevel gear, bevel gear, bevel gear, spiral bevel gear.


High transmission efficiency, stable transmission ratio, arc overlap coefficient, high carrying capacity, smooth transmission smooth, reliable operation, compact structure, material saving, space saving, abrasion resistance, long service life, low noise, in all kinds of mechanical transmission, the transmission efficiency of spiral bevel gear for high after all, of all kinds of transmission especially high power transmission has great economic benefits; the need to transfer the same torque transmission a transmission pair, space, belt, chain drive than the space required for small size; spiral bevel gear transmission ratio, stable transmission ratio is the basic requirements of the transmission properties of the various mechanical equipment in the transmission


It is widely used in various fields, such as oil and petrochemical machinery, machine tools, machinery processing equipment, construction machinery, metallurgical equipment, rolling machinery, mining machinery, coal mining machinery, textile machinery and so on.

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