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The cause of gear noise
- Jan 01, 2018 -

In the gear system, according to different mechanism, can be divided into noise acceleration noise and the ringing noise two. On the one hand, when gear teeth engage, the gear will cause great acceleration and cause disturbance around the media due to impact. The acoustic radiation generated by this disturbance is called acceleration noise of gears. On the other hand, with the resultant force of gear dynamic meshing, the components of the system will produce vibration generated by these vibration sound radiation is called ringing noise. In a closed gear drive, the acceleration noise is first radiated into the air and lubricating oil in the gear box, and then radiated through the gear box. The ringing noise from vibration of the gear body through the drive shaft bearing caused by vibration, thus the vibration of gear box and wall radiation. Generally speaking, the ringing noise is the main noise source closed gear transmission, mainly due to the following aspects:

1. aspect of gear design. The selection of the parameters is improper, the reclosing is small, the profile of the tooth profile is not repaired or the shape is not repaired, and the structure of the gear box is not reasonable. The processing of gear base pitch error and tooth profile error is too large, excessive backlash, rough surface etc..

2. gear and gear box. The assembly is eccentric, the contact precision is low, the axis's parallelism is poor, the shaft, the stiffness of bearing and support are insufficient, the rotation precision of the bearing is not high and the clearance is unsuitable.

3. other aspects of the input torque. The fluctuation of the load torque, the torsional vibration of the shaft system, the balance of the motor and other transmission pairs, etc.