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OEM Automobile Spiral Bevel Gear
- Feb 05, 2018 -

OEMs are abbreviations for original equipment manufacturer. There are two kinds of meanings that need to be differentiated by industry. The first is on behalf of the factory, used in it, electronics and other foundry industry. This usually refers to such as TSMC, such as HTC, Fujitsu, such as APPLE,HP to the foundry. The second is the host plant, used in the automotive field. This name is the source of the whole factory car is through the Tire1 Tire2 and other suppliers to develop the accessories as well as through the whole depot themselves assembled into a car, this accessory is called OEM accessories, is the original parts. OEM accessories are relative to the aftermarket, that is, after the installation, this may not be the original or not the host factory approach. Used in other automotive field articles, OEM, all refers to the host factory, the whole depot meaning.