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O ring chain
- Feb 24, 2017 -

Roller chain between the inner and outer chain plates fitted with sealing o-rings to prevent dust and grease out of the hinges. Chains undergo a rigorous pre lubricated. Chain parts with strong and reliable lubrication, can be used in motorcycles and other exposed drive.

Rubber chain

This type of chain is based on a, b series chain the chain on the u-shaped plate, glue rubber in the attachment (such as SI silicone rubber and natural rubber NR) can increase the wear ability, reduced noise, increased shock ability. Used for transportation.

Tooth chain

Widely used in the wood industry, such as timber, cutting feed and output, transfer transportation and other

Agricultural chains

For field machinery such as tractors, threshers, combines, etc. The chain requires low costs but also to withstand impact and wear-resistant, in addition, chain grease or lubrication.

High-strength chain

Is a special roller chain, by improving the chain plate, thick chain plate, heat fine blanking plate hole, the pin can increase the tensile strength of 15~30%, and has a good impact strength and fatigue properties.

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