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Lateral chain
- Feb 24, 2017 -

This chain of a larger hinges and chain plate clearance, so they have more flexibility and can be used for curved transmission and delivery.

Escalator chains

For the escalator, sidewalk. Due to escalator work long hours, high security requirements, running smoothly. Therefore requires this step chain must attain the minimum ultimate tensile load, total length deviation, the cascade of two paired chain pitch deviation.

Motorcycle chain

To chain of uses defined, from chain of structure points, has roll child chain and sleeve chain two species type type, from motorcycle Shang using of part to points, it has engine within using and engine outside using two species, in engine within using of chain most is sleeve chain structure, engine outside using of chain is to drive Hou round of drive chain, most using roll child chain.

Agro-clamp conveyor chain

Suitable for moving wheat, rice harvester and stationary engine-thresher of rice and wheat, and used half-feed combine harvester.

Hollow pin chain

For conveying, single pitch and double pitch and long pitch can be. Attachment or the bar you can insert any of the chain links without having to disassemble the chain.

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