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Is there a difference between the drive ratio of open and closed gear transmission?
- Jan 01, 2018 -

We think that the open and closed gear transmission has no difference in the meshing principle of the gear, and there are some differences in application. Open gear is usually applied to the occasion of large low speed and heavy load, regular grease is added or drip lubrication is applied. Because the closed gear has to be cast or welded, its structure is compact, and it can be lubricated by oil pool. Now there are many types of closed gearboxes. We also have Shangyu Dongxing gearbox, which is a commonly used, standardized transmission structure.

Under the same modulus, the larger the transmission ratio is, the bigger the diameter of the larger gear is, the bigger the diameter is, the more trouble it will make. Therefore, the open or closed transmission structure should be decided according to the actual field application.