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How to develop sprocket better
- Nov 21, 2017 -

How to develop sprocket better

Now the standard chain products (specification of uniform size) can not meet the growing needs of the community, S type, C type steel roller chain sprocket, chain sprocket, flat toothed chain sprocket, chain sprocket, chain traction metric chain wheel and a conveying chain sprocket and chain wheel forging market demand scale is rising gradually. With the status of mechanical transmission parts in the national economy and the continuous improvement of the market level, China's mechanical sprocket industry is ushering in a new development opportunity. Now our country's chain wheel and gear transmission parts production has been ranked in the forefront of the world, and the world economic structure adjustment, China has gradually become the manufacturing base of raw materials, labor intensive products, and machinery sprocket transmission parts belonging to such products, naturally attract foreign buyers to purchase, at the same time, foreign manufacturers in China invested parts enterprises is also accelerating, the majority of export products, the other part in domestic sales. With the further integration of domestic and international markets and the global sourcing of sprockets and other transmission products, the domestic sprocket market has a bright future, and the orders of foreign OEM customers are increasing gradually. It should be said that this is not only a good opportunity for the development of sprocket industry, but also faces fierce competition and challenges.

From the chain industry development on the whole, the standard chain will gradually shrink, the market demand will gradually decline; and non - standard products (sprocket specifications to determine size according to customer drawings) the demand and the total sprocket market share will rise significantly, it should be said that the non-standard sprocket is a development direction of the entire chain products the market has great potential, and has broad prospects for development. At the same time as the synchronous belt pulley drive wheel has both advantages and characteristics, so the sprocket drive, synchronous belt wheel in the whole chain drive products in the market share will be greatly improved, its development prospects will be very optimistic, its market potential is inestimable. In summary, non-standard sprocket and synchronous pulley in the entire sprocket and other transmission parts of the series of products represent the future direction of development and the general trend of development, its market potential is huge, has broad prospects for development.


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