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How to deal with the common malfunction of chain wheel chain?
- Nov 29, 2017 -

How to deal with the common malfunction of chain wheel chain?

The chain of Lun chain in daily use will often fail, that in the event of a failure to take time for us? Today, small encyclopedia will teach you a few tricks:

1., chain chain Lun's front chain shaking has been a problem. Most of the reasons are the chain's loosening, too much load, or one or more links. This requires the installation of the chain tensioner or the adjustable center distance, and the load may be reduced if possible.

2. chain chain Lun, it does not fit well, jump chain, jump teeth, gnawing teeth and other phenomena, it may be chain wear, segment distance it lengthens. There's no good way to change the chain, chain Lun.

The tension of the 3. chain, the tension of the chain, is related to the droop distance of the chain loose edge. For the horizontal and tilted transmission of the adjustable center distance, the sag of the chain loose should be the 2% left stone at the center distance. The central line is driven vertically or subjected to vibration loads, and the reverse transmission should make the chain more tensioned.

4., the chain running noise is too loud, causing noise. The reason is that the chain Lun is not coexisting, the chain is too loose or too small, the lubrication is not enough, the chain and chain Lun wear, or the pitch size of the chain is too large. Check the parallelism between the front and back axes and the chain Lun to correct them. Adjust the center distance and tensioning device to get the appropriate tightness and ensure the lubrication to the workpiece.




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