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Gear reducer is how to carry out large disassembly?
- Oct 25, 2017 -

Gear reducer is how to carry out large disassembly?

Double horizontal shaft type gear reducer has the advantages of compact structure, long service life, low noise, small size, high torque, maintenance free, easy installation and maintenance, stable operation, transmission device has been already widely used in a variety of mechanical equipment, but we in the application of hard to avoid the need for large disassembly, so as to achieve better the maintenance work on the gear reducer is how big and, then we explain in detail:

1, gear reducer lubricating oil clean, with screw 1 knife will shaft key, shaft seal removed, from outside to inside disassembly, with six angle wrench will end cover screw down, screw with the end cover evenly out.

2, gear reducer box separation, neatly placed reducer parts and components.

3. Pull out the bearing with the puller.

4. Pull out the intermediate gear shaft with the pin pulling device.

5. Remove the output shaft by knocking.

6. Remove the elastic retaining ring of the front cover hole with circlip clamp and remove the input shaft by knocking method.

7, check the parts removed, cleaning parts, boxes, front and rear end cover, and rust, deburring, decontamination and so on.

8, installation process: in accordance with the reverse disassembly process, the gear reducer assembly.

The large gear reducer disassembly process is that, as long as everyone in the operation according to the procedure, should not have what problem, double horizontal shaft type gear reducer is a power transmission mechanism, through small gear drive gear two gear, the transmission ratio is up to 1/25, so the motor (the rotary motor) to decelerate to rotation number, and have greater torque.


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